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From blessing episcope John (Snichev) in 1981 our activity on a path of temple adorn began. The lord has blessed us to follow traditions of Russian religious painting which have developed in our church for last 350 years, since Simon Ushakov and finishing the devotee of religious painting Victor Vasnetsov. It will completely be coordinated to definition of the seventh Universal Cathedral which asserts tradition: " to make picturesque images for it agrees with a history of the evangelical sermon and serves as acknowledgement of that the God the Word is true, instead of is illusive born and inures to of advantage to us " . The image should be extremely realistic certificate of an embodiment of Son what Jesus Christ's first image was "Not made with hands".

During eight years of work under the direction of episcope John we were brought up on the best samples of temple painting of the pre-revolutionary period, and also on icons "athon style" XIX the beginnings of XX centuries. At that time all this sharply contrasted with grown hateful soviet poster , was an outlet for us, and then became also business of our life, our trade.

Since then , in process of our modest abilities, we tried to follow precepts of lor episcope John who was our teacher and the spiritual instructor before his transition to the St.-Petersburg faculty. For twenty five years we create and recreate picturesque furniture and an ornamental list of many temples, the set of icons is written. Works are carried out in techniques oil and tempera painting. Also we execute copies of the religious contents of the academic school.

On this site we have arranged some samples of our works. Most interesting of them for convenience are given in the greater increase. If you were interested with our activity, please mail us.